Flying Field

The flying field is situated at Sands Lane, Dewsbury (just outside the town centre), at the far side of the football/cricket pitches. The field is not accessible by vehicle, from Sands Lane (see directions below).

Nearest post code: WF12 8JZ
Geo Location:  53.68062, -1.62038

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Directions & Vehicle Access
Vehicular access is gained by travelling up the Wakefield Road (A638), out of Dewsbury town centre. Half way up the hill, take the right turn onto High Road, towards Earlsheaton. Then take the immediate right, onto Middle Road. Travel along Middle Road for about 500 yards and then take a right turn (just before the road starts to bend to the left and go up hill), down Sands Road and down the steep hill (playing fields and river over to your right). As the road starts to level off, you will pass the entrance to the playing fields on your right (blocked off for vehicular access with bollards). After these bollards, continue straight forward towards the old mill complex in front of you. You will then come to a large metal gate. The gate is normally unlocked if members are at the field. If it is locked, you will have to proceed on foot, to find the field. After the gate, continue straight forward towards the old mill complex, directly in front of you. As you approach the gates to the old mill complex, turn to the right. The car parking area for DDMAC is now in front of you and over to your right. It is accessed by driving through the white security bollards entrance opening, at the far end. The field is accessed over the metal barrier, at the end of the car parking area.

Flying Times

The site is open 7 days a week, with flying permitted between the following times:

Monday to Friday 1030 to 1630 and 1700 to 2030 (half hour break between 1630 & 1700)

Saturday & Sunday 1100 to 1700 and 1800 to 2030 (one-hour break between 1700 & 1800)

DDMAC Field View From Earlsheaton

As of 8/12/2016 the flying of ‘ultra-quiet electric models’ will be permitted 24/7 without any breaks or restrictions on the flying times. The committee reserve the right to withdraw this facility at any time for any reason. Typical permitted ‘ultra-quiet electric models’ are stock ‘3 cell Foamee Wot 4s and 3 cell Max Thrust Riots and no more than 3 cell 450 size (or smaller) helicopters. All models must be considered acceptable for noise by 2 committee members or instructors before they can be flown in the ‘quiet only’ times.

You must hold a BMFA ‘A’ Certificate for the discipline that you want to fly (fixed wing, helicopter or multi rotor) before you can fly solo, without the supervision of one of the club instructors or an authorised flying supervisor (see club rules), at the DDMAC flying field. Anyone holding a helicopter ‘A’ certificate will be allowed to fly multi rotor models unsupervised, without taking the separate multi rotor test.

The DDMAC airfield has a model weight limit of 7kg and is suitable for internal combustion or electric powered, fixed wing, helicopters and multi rotor models. The club has a noise limit of 82 db measured at 7 metres. No models to be flown that exceed either of these limits (the club have 2 noise meters if you are unsure). There are always qualified instructors and examiners there to help, advise and encourage you to take and pass your  ‘A’ & ‘B’ BMFA achievement certificates.

DDMAC Flying Field Aerial View

All new members and old members re-joining the club must have a member awareness briefing at the field by a committee member, outlining the current CAA model aircraft flying legislation/guidelines, safety requirements, field rules and protocols, before they can fly. A copy of the club rules and club constitution will be provided to the member.

Flying Field Rules

The airfield throughout the year plays host to competitions, events and examinations. Socially it is home to a small but very friendly set of enthusiasts, who are always ready and willing to help and pass on their experience.

DDMAC Field November 2017

Please keep the field tidy and take any rubbish home.