DDMAC Easter Fun Fly Event

On Monday 13th April 2020 (Easter Monday), we are holding an informal Fly-In down at the DDMAC flying field.
The event will commence at 11.00am (gates open from 10.30am).

We will have a few fun fly events during the day including our,

ETA Event for Fixed Wing, Helicopters & Multi Rotor
Draw a time from a hat (can be anything from 90 to 150 seconds). Flyer has to take off and land, trying to land in a time, as near as possible to the time drawn from the hat. Winner is the pilot who lands the nearest to their time. Time starts from when the wheels or skids (helicopters / multi rotor) leave the ground and ends when they wheels/skids touch back down (no transmitter timers or watches allowed).

All pilots will be briefed, as they arrive regarding the flying field rules and transmitter control. If you have any questions, please ask. The safety of everyone is paramount.

Tea & Coffee will be available in the club cabin throughout the day.
We will be looking to serve bacon and sausage sandwiches around mid-day.
There will be a charity donation jar on the prize table. Any donations will be gratefully received and will go to the clubs nominated charity for the year, ‘The Dial Wood Cariage Driving For The Disabled Charity’

Local BMFA Northern area club members, are welcome to join us for the day.

We do have a limit of no models over 7 Kilograms and a noise limit of no models over 82 decibels measured at 7 metres.

BMFA ‘A’ Cert required to fly solo.

If you require any more information or details, please contact

Martin Lynn,
DDMAC Membership Secretary.
Mobile: 07802 725 231
Email: martinlynn59@gmail.com

Any updates relating to the event will be put on the club forum, including confirmation as to whether the event is going ahead or not, in case of any adverse weather conditions.

DDMAC Easter Fly In Forum Link