DDMAC Updates & Outside Club Meeting Thursday 17th June 2021 @ 7.30pm

DDMAC Updates & Outside Club Meeting Thursday 17th June 2021 @ 7.30pm

We have not held any club meetings for over a year now due to the Coronavirus situation and at the moment it is not planned to hold any indoor meetings in the near future.

As club membership secretary, I thought it might be a good time to hold an informal club meeting / get together down at the field, now that the weather will hopefully be improving.

I am therefore planning to hold a get together on Thursday 17th June @ 7.30pm down at the flying field.

I will use this club website page and club WhatsApp group to update members nearer the date, in case we must cancel due to any unfavourable weather conditions on the night.

I will give an update on the following topics, but if anyone has anything else they want to discuss please come along and have your say.

  1. Club Rules & Article 16 updates including operator numbers and competency.
  2. Club Finances update.
  3. Future club meetings and AGM.
  4. Club Committee positions.
  5. Tuesday afternoon tuition & advice sessions.
  6. Thursday evening tuition & advice sessions.
  7. Club Field events.
  8. Club Bonfire.
  9. BMFA Northern Area ‘Flight Fest’ Event.
  10. BMFA Northern Area Achievement scheme training and testing days.

Some members have expressed their views that they are not happy with the way the club is run at times.

Despite what many may think the club does not run itself and it is only due a few club members giving up their time and efforts that the club can function.

Everyone’s situation is different with work and family commitments. Not everyone has the time to help. When I was working, I did very little towards running the club.

As most of you know I am also the chairman at the Pontefract Club (PANDAS) and that takes up a good deal of my time.

Being on a club committee can be a thankless job at times and we all do it for free.

PANDAS has over 140 members and DDMAC 70 at the moment. Managing over 200 members can be a frustrating and time-consuming process at times. I do the membership for both clubs.

I know I am biased, but when you talk to other club members, despite what some may think, DDMAC and PANDAS are 2 of the best run clubs in the area.

Some members are happy to moan that things are not right and give you the benefit of their advice. Unfortunately, most that moan do not usually actually offer to help or do anything.

If you think you have the time and would like to get more involved, please let us know. We need active members who have the time, patience and commitment to help run the club.

Below are a few of some of the roles that someone has do, to keep the club running and arrange, if we want to hold the events :

  1. Grass Cutting.
  2. Field and cabin maintenance.
  3. Toilet servicing.
  4. Mower maintenance.
  5. Website updating.
  6. Managing club membership.
  7. BMFA membership portal management.
  8. BMFA delegate role.
  9. Club Finances (Treasurer).
  10. Club secretary.
  11. Club meetings.
  12. Training.
  13. Club Bonfire.
  14. Club Dinner.
  15. Club field events.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to call or email me.

I hope to see as many members as possible on Thursday 17th June down at the field.

On a lighter note, below is a link to a document on the use of epoxy glue:

How to use Epoxy Resin

Martin Lynn,
DDMAC Membership Secretary & Treasurer.
Email: martinlynn59@gmail.com
Mobile: 07802 725 231

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