DDMAC Club Rules Update & Article 16

DDMAC Club & Club Rule Updates

Dear DDMAC Member,

At the moment it is illegal under the lockdown rules to leave home apart from to exercise and a few other essential reasons. This effectively makes travelling to the flying site to fly illegal.

Once we can travel and fly again, the flying laws have changed.

As most of you will be aware the legislation in relation the flying of unmanned aircraft changed significantly on 31/12/2020. CAP 722 is the main document to refer to now (link to club website page below):


The changes necessitate some changes to the club flying site rules. We cannot hold any club meetings at the moment to formally discuss and approve the changes.

I have therefore amended the rules and they will have to be formally approved once we can hold club meetings again.

New DDMAC Flying Site Rules

The only changes are the addition of the first 3 items on the list (nothing else has changed).

  1. As of 31/12/2020, DDMAC members will fly at the club flying site, situated at Sands Lane, Dewsbury, under the rules of Article 16, issued under the Air Navigation Order (ANO) 2016 and Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 722 (amended 31/12/2020).
  2. DDMAC members must read and understand Article 16, keep up to date and comply with all the current legislation, applicable to the flying of unmanned aircraft.
  3. Members must be able to produce proof of competency under Article 16 and proof of a current CAA Operator Number on request (if applicable), to any committee member.

The main changes mean that members will now fly under Article 16. There is a link to the PANDAS website below which gives more details and some links to useful documents. I will up date the DDMAC website in due course.


Members do need to read the new legislation and understand it. If you want to use your BMFA achievement scheme qualification, obtained prior to 31/12/2020, as proof of competency under the new legislation, you must log onto the BMFA membership and acknowledge under you profile that you have read and understood Article 16.

There are other ways to show proof of competency (full details in the Article 16 document).

I would recommend that everyone takes the BMFA Registered Competency Certificate (RCC), link below:


This is now a 40-question test (from 1/1/2021) as is the CAA Flyer ID test. If you take this test, it gives you a good insight into the new legislation.

If you take and pass this qualification, it now lasts for 5 years (the old 10 question RCC test lasted for 3 years). It also means if you take any new BMFA achievement scheme tests after 1/1/2021, you do not have to answer the mandatory questions. The mandatory questions have changed too (link below):


If anyone has any questions or does not understand the new legislation feel free to call or email me.

Martin Lynn,
DDMAC Membership Secretary.
Email: martinlynn59@gmail.com
Mobile: 07802 725 231

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